These instructions are applicable for all formats of the WillTravel camera when sent from me.

Basic camera kit as sent from me.

The basic camera kit consists of:

  • Camera body with mounted grip, bungee cords installed.
  • Frontcap, mounted on the camera to verify correct Flange Focal Distance before shipping.
  • ps. Note the Frontcap (and body) has different thread pitch dependent on focal length, thus if you have more than one camera dont mix them! As they may become damaged if you try to mount it on a different threaded body. I have learnt this the hard way 🙂
  • Bungeecord for frontcap
  • Safety funnel
  • 3 off M3 counter sunk screws
  • 2 off Bungee hooks
  • a few spare bungee clamps
  • My contact details.

The excess bungee cord by the grip may be trimmed off or not depending on your preference. Useful to just tie it up, if you later need to attach the bungee hooks for a rollfilm holder.

Mounting lens

For mounting the lens, these are the generic instructions: images below.

  1. Remove rear element on lens (only if it’s to big to prevent direct mounting of the shutter)
  2. Remove lens retaining nut
  3. Remove frontcap from camera body
  4. Remove groundglass from camera body
  5. (Copal 0/00 shutter only ) Mount lens (Front element and shutter) on frontcap (not rear element)
  6. Mount Frontcap on body, screw all the way in.
  7. Note; the funnels purpose is to prevent the frontcap from being unscrewed from the body, and unintentionally drop the frontcap with your lens. However it’s optional.
  8. (Optional) Mount funnel to front-cap from inside of body, by attaching the three small M3 screws from the front
  9. If you decided to not use the funnel, you need to block the three screw holes to prevent unwanted light leakage, use gaffa or black electrical tap, or screws + nuts.
  10. (Copal 1) Mount lens (Front element and shutter) on frontcap (not rear element)
  11. Mount rear lens element (if needed) for larger rear elements this may need the help of some painters tape on the outside to help you with a good grip and maneuvering of the rear element on entering the threads, Be careful, take your time and avoid damaging the fine threads!
  12. Put the frontcap bungee cord on, this acts as a brake and shall keep the frontcap in position when you adjust focus.
  13. Remount the groundglass
  14. Done! You are ready to set up the zone focus scale