Automatic Film Development Robot (FDBot) Version 2.0 (update from the beast created in 2016)

Short intro, The FDBot provides bi directional rotation of various JOBO tanks. The plate where the motors sits are hinged in front and lifted with linear actuator in order to drain the tank content into the sink. The plate are then lowered and new fluid (water, developer or fix) pumped into the tank before a new rotation cycle is started. Add some skateboard wheels, roller bearings and a hand full of 3d printed parts.

Process control is done with a ESP32 microcontroller (TTGO t-display) programmed in C in Arduino IDE. Then there are two RC car motor doing the rotation, a linear actuator for lift, two H bridge motor controllers and a relay board to control the pumps. User interface is over wifi and a Blynk 1.0 app on your smart phone.

This is a early version of V2. 80% done, now its the remaining 80%…. 😁