The parts required for converting the Polaroid 110 into a 4×5 rangefinder may be bought as the complete kit, with all 3d printed parts, required screws and springs or only the free STL files for your personal printing and where you need to source the other parts yourself. Or the one-stop-shop solution, where you send me your Polaroid 110 for modification, and I will return to you a converted and tested camera.

The Polaroid 110 to 4×5 rangefinder conversion starts with a complete functional Polaroid 110 A or B (Polaroid 120 should be ok also), which you need to obtain yourself. (Ebay has been my source). Please read the entire description of the conversion before you send email regarding any purchases related to the modification, although I’m more then happy to answer any question you might have.

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  • STL files, where you 3d print a personal copy of the 3d printed parts and then source the needed hardware. Free, STL files are here.
  • Printed, prepared and checked 3D printed parts in PLA, plexiglas ground glass, all required screws, springs and the threaded inserts melted into the filmback. See the conversion bill of materials. Price 110 Euro + actual shipping cost.(35 Euro tracked package world wide or 20 Euro untracked letter), add 15 euros for the optional backs e.g. Grafmatic, rollfilm and Pola405/545.
  • Send me your Polaroid 110 camera for a full conversion, conversion kit included. Price 280 Euro + actual shipping / handling / customs cost.

Send an email to me at if you consider buying one of these options. All sales are final.

3d prints:

Note the filmback and filmholder frame will always be printed in black, other colors may vary.