The Will Travel friendly cameras are a family of light weight fixed focal length zone focused 4×5, Instantly (for the lomograflock back), 5×7, 4×10 and 8×10 large format cameras. A number of previous builds and sample images from the cameras.

Check if your lens is suitable here!

German user review!

NEW! Youtube review / instructions by David Hancock.

WillTravel 5×7 with 120mm Angulon 6.8 and M65 Helicoid
4×5-150mm with viewfinder.

The cameras is 3d printed and files to print them is free to download for your own personal use. Links below. Or send me an email ( for a friendly offer on a printed and assembled camera based on your needs. Prices pr January 2024 below

  • WillTravel 4×5 120,- Euro + actual shipping cost
  • WillTravel Instantly 140,- Euro + actual shipping cost
    (for the lomograflock back & 4×5 filmbacks
  • WillTravel 5×7 155,- Euro + actual shipping cost
  • WillTravel 4×10 190,- Euro + actual shipping cost
  • WillTravel 8×10 250,- Euro + actual shipping cost
WillTravel 4×10 – 121mm Super Angulon

The camera back allows for standard double sided filmholders, as well as grafmatic 6 sheet holders, under the ground glass type rollfilmholders and graflock type filmholders (Polaroid 405, Linhof 6×9, 6×12 etc).

Grafmatic 6 sheet filmholder
Linhof Rollfilmback
Grafmatic (6 sheets of 4×5) Graflock back
5×7 – 180mm
8×10 – 121 mm Super Angulon f8

The camera design is symmetrical allowing for both right and left hand use. Integrated into camera body is several coldshoe mounts for viewfinders and rangefinders etc. there are three 1/4-20″ tripod mounts (top,bottom and on the side), and two cutouts for levels.

The Will Travel family (ambitious ?) plan and design roadmap:

Available bodies!

5×7’s, from left 75, 90, (old) 150, 120, 180mm
  • Download your WillTravel files for 3d printing here! Or send me an email.
Available Will Travel bodies.

Lenses and suitability, read more here!!

4×5 58XL-65mm tested!

Make your own Will Travel camera.

Prototype 5×7 for 75mm