Brief instructions explaining the parts and usage of the WillTravel Instantly, which may be used with the Lomograflock Instax Wide Back or regular filmholders / rollfilm.

150mm G-Claron in Copal 0 shutter used here

The WillTravel Instantly is a shorter version of the standard WillTravel 4×5 camera. It´s 19.5mm shorter, which is the same height as the Lomograflock Instax wide spacer used to focus the Lomograflock back as its filmplane is 19.5mm further back than the regular 5mm (4.8) filmplane in filmholders and rollfilmholders.

Basic instructions for using a large format view camera.


Focusing is done using either a zone focus scale on the camera. Turn the golden dot on the M65 helicoid to the required focus distance. Instructions on how to set up a zone focus scale. Or use the basic large format method. Camera on tripod, open up the shutter with the open / close (Black knob at 3 clock on the shutter face below), full open apeture, dark cloth over camera, focus and compose using the image on the ground glass whilst changing focus distance by turning the M65 helicoid.

Copal 0 Shutter

Basic instructions from Largeformat info, PDF instructions

Cable release attachment, handle for aperture settings.
From left on shutter; Cable release, red dot for speed setting, cooking lever, PC sync connector, Shutter open/close handle

Use with regular filmholders

In order to be able to use the WillTravel Instantly with regular filmholders a 19.5mm extension with full 4×5 opening is used.

From left; WillTravel Instantly main body, 19.5mm extension, ground glass
Regular filmholder under Groundglass in the 19.5 extension

Use with the Lomograflock Instax Wide Back

See the Lomograflock instruction for specific usage of the Lomograflock back.

NOTE! Ensure that the ejection port on the Lomograflock back completely exposed and NOT is covered in any way by the bungeecord, tripod mounts etc when ejecting the Instax wide!!

From left; WillTravel instantly with spacer & ground glass, Lomograflock Instax wide spacer, Lomograflock back
Lomograflock Instax wide spacer under ground glass for focusing
Lomograflock Instax wide on camera body ready to use, secured in place with the 4mm bungeecord and hooks.

In order to avoid the bungeecord and get a more rigid attachment of the WillTravel Instanly camera body a experimental setup has been designed used square washers and fasting with M3 screws. This will clamp the back securely to the camera body for handheld shooting and ising the zone focus scal to set the distance.

Mount the washers and M3 screws as shown.
Insert Lomograflock back and just tighten the screws, Dont tighten hard!