Going Live!

Kick off and waiting for some good light!

There are probably more than a few errors, interesting spelling, confused text here.. please let me know in an email asap, And I will do my best to correct.

2 thoughts on “Going Live!”

  1. Fantastic resurrection!!!
    Advice and critique though easily given…not easily received.
    As a techno artist and artisan that you are, I would appreciate your consideration of another option.
    Having a Graflock back as on the Crown Graphic, (allowing the attachment of a ground glass/ film holder and the many roll film backs)..
    I have a RH-8 back as well as a Crown graphic and a 110a. (modified by four designs) comments appreciated. Could this be considered?

    1. Thank you very much for the kind words! Much appreciated!
      There are two reason for not using a graflock in the design. The design is keept as low as possible in order to not block the Polaroid 110A dual seeker/rangefinder window. Keeping in mind that the Polaroid 110A is the more affordable of the two 110´s, rough average of $100 vs $200 for the Polaroid 110B on ebay. And then the simple fact that I did not have a graflock back handy.
      However, I expect you have seen the blog with the first image of the Grafmatic holder version of the filmholder frame? I expect this to be able to hold any accessories that would fit in a graflock back, but then held in place by bungee cord and not the graflock. I have yet to test this with more than the grafmatic holder.

      That said, who knows what might be in the future 🙂

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