Going Live!

Kick off and waiting for some good light!

There are probably more than a few errors, interesting spelling, confused text here.. please let me know in an email asap, And I will do my best to correct.

4 thoughts on “Going Live!”

  1. Hey, really interested in the 8×10 option. I am still trying to get my head around focusing, I guess the entire body is rigid, but the lens sits on top of some small thing which can move forwards and backwards? I guess a bit like a 25mm lens.

    Excited to see more. I’ve wanted to move into 8×10 for some time, maybe this is the way to go, as long as I can understand the focussing!

    1. Yes, you are able to focus the camera from infinity to a 1-2m by turning the frontcap or using the M65 helicoid version.

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