Instruction on how to mount the Lomograflock / rollfilm / Grafmatic adapter.

Put camera on a flat surface, front down.

Remove all the screws shown below.

Put the removed parts in a bag, your camera back will now be as shown below.

The Lomograflock / Rollfilm / grafmatic adapter kit.

Mount the L shaped bracket where the Filmholder frame was previously mounted with the 5 short M3 screws. Mount the top hook with the longer M3 screws, note the hook direction facing away from the filmholder area.

NOTE! The mounting the Lomograflock requires that you place the bungee cord as shown below in order to allow unimpeded ejection of the instax images from lomograflock back!

In order to mount the standard filmholder adapter just reverse the procedure secribed above.

The Lomograflock infinity stop adjustment to match the ranger finder is shown in the link. NB when focusing on the ground glass remember to use the Lomograflock focus spacer.