In order to adjust the position of the infinity stop which allow the RangeFinder (RF) to work correctly, the camera needs;

  • To be mounted on a tripod.
  • The ground glass inserted in the filmback.
  • The shutter keept fully open, using a shutter release with the shutter cooked and set to “B”. Then release the shutter and lock it with the shutter open.
  • Aperture set to f4.7 to reduce DoF and increase brightness.

If your rangefinder patch don’t overlap at infinity, it needs to be reset using this procedure.

See below for setting the infinity stop for the LomoGraflock Back.

Then you need clear sight to infinity (200m +) and some close in high contrast objects to focus on as well. A small screwdriver is needed to loosen the two screws that hold the infinity stop plate.

  1. Loosen (but just) the two screws so that the infinity lock plate may slide back and forth.
  2. Slide out the lens to the click in in the infinity plate, then set shutter to B, release with cable and lock it open. Aperture set to 4.7.
  3. Using the camera RF and focus on the object at infinity, a high contrast object is best.
  4. Use a loupe on the ground glass (GG) under a dark cloth to check that you have correct focus on the filmplane. You will probably not have this correct the first time.
  5. While looking through the loupe at the GG adjustment focus with the camera focus knob. If you then are able to bring infinity into focus the infinity stop plate should be moved forward with the same amount. If you not are able to get focus on infinity move the infinity stop plate further back i.e. closer to the filmplane.
  6. Jump back to point 3 and repeat until you have infinity in focus when the RF is at infinity.
  7. Hold the infinity lock plate in place with your tumb and move the front standard back to expose the two screws.
  8. Tighten the two screws.
  9. Check infinity again! (Not loosening the screws)

Now the camera should be all good to go! However I would suggest that you check RF vs focus on the GG for more close in distances, where I suspect the camera will see most use.

Setting the infinity stop for the LomoGraflock back, same procedure as above, but with the Universal Infinity stop and the LomoGraflock spacer under the groundglass when adjusting.

  • Same procedure as for adjusting infinity, but now for the close in object.
  • If there is some discrepancy, I would suggest that you adjust the RF to be most correct in your preferred shooting range. If everything is in good order with your camera you might not have to do this tradeoff.

Now get out there and shoot some film!

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