Should the split image in the rangefinder not overlap at infinity, the rangefinder needs to be reset. To do this the rangefinder house needs to be removed in order to access the resetting screws.

This is a fairly straightforward process but patience, careful and slow moves are required. Twisting screws only 1/12 turn and then checking…

The best time to do this step is after you have prepared the camera back by removing the parts no longer needed, and before you mount the new 3d printed back as it will prevent access to two of the required screws. ?

Now in order to enable removal of the rangefinder house the top strap fastening needs to be opened and the strap removed from the rangefinder house. (Seems to be applicable only for the A model)

Then in order to remove the rangefinder house there are 4 carefully hidden screws that needs to be removed. All are Phillips type screws, but all are a different shape ? and size. Note that there will be slight variations between the various models and even on the same model based on production date, however I have yet to find less than or more than four screws.

The different screws…

They are hiding;

  1. In the top right corner of the lens “well”.
  2. Under the rangefinder/ seeker window on the back side.
  3. In the film takeup spool centre on the right side.
  4. In the flash hot shoe.

1 first screw, lens well Polaroid 110 A

1 Screw lens well, Polaroid 110B, note the slightly different location from the 110A.

2 & 3 second and third screw, under finder window and center of take up spool

4 screw, flash screw

With all of the screws and the rangefinder house removed, you should see something like this..

Polaroid 900 110B rangefinder assemblage. Or this…

Polaroid 110A, rangefinder setup

Note that there are several varieties of the rangefinder house, thus if not shown here, please ask and I will try to provide guidance. Send images on email of YOUR rangefinder.

Or something else, but fairly similar.. if in any doubt take pictures and send me on email and I will do my best to provide advice.

Reset infinity procedure:

  • Put camera on a tripod.
  • Turn focus to infinity (i.e. all the way in)
  • Point the focus patch in the rangefinder at an high contrast object at infinity (300m+); a light pole or flag pole is great or something which gives the same high contrast in the focus patch.
  • How much are you out? And which way? Before infinity or past infinity?
  • Now turn the rangefinder reset screw 1/12 turn counter clockwise. See image above.
  • Check the rangefinder, what are the results?
  • Wrong way? Or to much?
  • Adjust screw (Shown with arrow above) in 1/12 turn increments or less until the rangefinder split image overlaps when the focus is at infinity.
  • On some models this are done only once, on others both for the vertical and horizontal alignment.
  • Then re assemble in reverse order.

You are now ready to proceed with the conversion.

Any comments or questions? Please contact me on email