WillTravel cameras in Glossy Photography magazine !

The Will Travel large format cameras featured in a 6 page article by Mike Crawford in UK’s Amateur Photographer magazine in March 2021, together with cameras from Chroma Cameras and Dora Goodman!

Really, really happy with that article and Mike’s effort and push to make it happen! For the large format photography DIY community, demonstrating that the camera is just a light tight enclosure between the lens and the film, and that the threshold for making your very own camera is very much accessible! And also personally as a humble recognition of the WillTravel camera design, which now are all around the world mostly built by local makers and photographers and a few supplied by me to Japan, Korea, Singapore, Australia, UAE, Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Denmark, UK, Sweden, USA, Mexico and more.

Now visit your local news stand or head over to Amateur Photographer magazine to get the full 6 page article!