In order to assemble the Will Travel camera, you need the following parts in addition to the 3d printed parts.

  • Groundglass cut to 132 x 106 mm. I have used 3mm acrylic glass matted down with silicon carbide.
  • 30-40 cm of 3-5mm bungee cord to hold the groundglass in place.
  • 4 off 3mm 47 mm long screws to fasten the grip to the body if used.
  • 4 off 3mm nuts to secure the grip to the body if used.
  • 3 off 3mm 6 mm long screws to fasten the funnel to the frontcap.
  • flatt black spray paint to matt down the camera interior to prevent reflections and increase contrast.
  • Super glue to glue the filmholder frame to the body.
  • Some wax lubrications to the threads between the body and the frontcap. Regular candle wax seems to be ok.
  • White (electricians) tape to the frontcap zone scale
  • Permanent marker pen.

All of these might be sourced from any decent hardware store.