Converting the camera to 4×5 uses the following material in addition to your Polaroid 110.

Conversion kit
  1. Filmback, 3d printed part
  2. Film holder frame,3d printed part
  3. Lower clamp, 3d printed part
  4. Back clamp, 3d printed part
  5. Top clamp, 3d printed part
  6. Ground glass holder, w plexiglass ground glass, 3d printed part
  7. Infinity stop plate,3d printed part
  8. 2 x 25 mm M3 screws (filmback to camera body, right side)
  9. 2 x 10 mm M3 screws (filmback to camera body, left side)
  10. 5 x 12 mm M3 screws (filmholder frame to filmback)
  11. 6 x 16 mm M3 screws (bottom, back and top clamp to film back.)
  12. 4 x 10mm spring (bottom and back clamp)
  13. 2 x 5mm spring (top clamp)
  14. 15 x M3 brass threaded inserts.
  15. Drill guide, 3d printed tool
  16. Sunshade, 3d printed part.

Slight variation in screw lengths will be be acceptable in most places.

Sources for the other parts:

If you have 3d printed the parts yourself, you need to source the following to make your BoM complete.

  • 3mm Screws, a kit like this or similar will get you there
  • 3mm brass inserts, OD 4.2, m3x3mm. note length of insert.
  • 10mm & 5mm springs from this source.
  • Plexiglass cut to size, matted with fine sandpaper, matt side towards lens, glued into the ground glass holder.

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